After Dinner Speaker Sponsor

In 2017 almost 1,500 guests saw the sponsor’s logo on screen throughout the entire after-dinner speech.

  • The sponsor will be offered one premium table location with four (4) complimentary tickets.
  • Two (2) invitations to the Chairman’s reception.
  • Your company logo will appear on the screen throughout the artist’s performance as a back-drop.
  • The sponsor will be entitled to place a complimentary full page advertisement within the dinner booklet.  Artwork provided to the FLA by the sponsor.
  • The sponsor will receive a preview copy of the dinner booklet one week prior to the event.
  • Your company logo will feature on all promotional materials in so far as practical.
  • The FLA will ensure that your company logo will appear on the event page on the FLA website, subject to FLA guidelines.

Please contact Linda Charles-Richards on 020 7420 9626 or email:

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