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Getting the award right is the trickiest part of resolving a complaint. It’s a delicate balancing act of what the customer would find acceptable to resolve their complaint, what the FOS would likely award, as well as what you’re able to offer. It can undermine the whole complaints investigation if it’s not positioned correctly, or the reasoning for it doesn’t land well with the customer.

If you handle complaints or customer queries, or have oversight for these areas in a FCA regulated firm, this course will help you to:

• Understand the different levels of redress that can be made under the Distress and Inconvenience award
• Know the key steps to be able to consistently come to the right amount when making an award for Distress and Inconvenience
• Avoid common mistakes when positioning the offer of Distress and Inconvenience to the customer
• Have the best chance of resolving the complaint and reduce unnecessary referrals to the FOS

This practical half day online course will help you understand how you can consistently reach the right amounts of Distress and Inconvenience, by looking at the very basics of the DISP rules to looking at how to better understand the impact to the customer and how this translates into assessing awards of this type. By learning how to do this consistently with awards, you’ll be able to demonstrate credibility, regain the customer’s trust and demonstrate your understanding of the complaint when positioning these types of awards with your customer.

Course Fee:
FLA Member Rate: £355.00 plus VAT 
New to Finance Member Rate: £319.50 plus VAT 

Non-Member Rate: £499.00 plus VAT 

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Event Date 27 Sep 24
Event Times 10am - 1.30pm
Event Venue On-Line Course
Event Price Members £426.00 inc VAT
Non members £598.80 inc VAT

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