Diversity & Inclusion: Be an ACTive Bystander

Part of the FLA's suite of training courses on Diversity & Inclusion to assist members in developing or refining their D&I Plans.

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Most of us would like to think that if we saw or heard a colleague or client harassing someone that we would intervene. However, what usually happens is that people assume someone better qualified than them will step in. The result is that the victim is left with no ally during the incident, and the harasser is emboldened to do the same thing again because there were no consequences. Helping staff to identify unacceptable behaviour and giving them the confidence to take the initiative is absolutely vital to advance diversity, inclusion, and equity in the workplace.

During the course delegates will: 

  • Consider in broad terms the different types of behaviour considered to be unacceptable.
  • Explore how to identify and interpret the signs of unacceptable behaviour and why people may fail to spot these or agree on what they are.
  • Evaluate our role in shifting problematic beliefs, attitudes, and behaviour through effective and safe interventions as an active bystander.
  • Discuss the barriers to being an active bystander, and how we can overcome them.
  • Develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to make safe, effective interventions in the workplace and have practice this in a variety of scenarios.

Event details

Event Date 16 Sep 21
Event Times 10:00am - 12:30pm
Event Venue On-Line Course
Event Price Members £558.00 inc VAT
Non members £750.00 inc VAT

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