Part I: A complaints strategy in three parts - understanding FOS

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If your role involves working with The Financial Ombudsman Service, you might find yourself perplexed by some of the vagaries of the system that you’re trying to work with. It can lead to confusion and frustration with the process, especially when trying to learn lessons from The Financial Ombudsman Service, as firms are required to do under the Dispute Resolution (DISP) rules.

  • Define contemporary issues firms experience with the FOS, including inconsistent uphold rates, views, data and evidence problems.
  • Understand the FOS’ legal basis and how it interacts with the regulator.
  • Explore how the FOS interprets and applies the ‘fair and reasonable’ test to cases across the financial services industry.
  • Understand how the FOS uses and interprets evidence including how the FOS communicates what it sees as the issues facing the industry. We’ll use this information to focus our attention on what’s coming up in 2021 and beyond.
  • Focus on the mechanics of the FOS, including how it’s funded and how it works with the media This very practical half day online course will help you understand how you can work more effectively within the FOS process. Your increased awareness and understanding means you’ll save time and effort in trying to establish how or why things are being carried out the way they are by the FOS. This knowledge will, in turn, will increase your understanding of how your procedures fit in with the FOS’ processes.

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