Remote Programme: Financial Promotions: Achieving Compliance

Programme Overview
Start: 10:00. Finish: 13.00 (both days)

Welcome and introductions

Workshop aims, objectives and planned outcomes

Introduction to Financial Promotions
• Setting the scene
• The FCA’s view
• The challenges faced
• Update on recent events

Introduction to the rules
• Who are the regulators?
• What do they do?
• Where are the rules?
• Are the rules fit for purpose?

Financial Promotion Rules – credit
• What is required?
• Limited space media
• Risk views
• Achieving your aim
• Trends

Financial Promotion Rules – hire
• What rules apply?
• How does this compare to credit?

Broker specific requirements
• What are broker’s required to do?
• Oversight of third parties
• Controls

General advertising requirements
• Trading Standards
• Copy Clearance Centres – what is their role?

Approval Process
What happens if it goes wrong?
• Enforcement action
• Responding to issues
• Learning from mistakes

Summary and Review
• Take aways
• Final questions
• Close

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