Programme: Introduction to Asset Registration


Start 10.00. Finish 16.00

Welcome, introductions and personal objectives

The asset registration landscape
• What is asset registration?
• The asset registration agencies
• How asset registration is used in motor finance
• Vehicle provenance checks
• Asset registration beyond the automotive sector

ACTIVITY – Identifying the risks in not registering an asset

The importance of asset registration
• Review of the risks in not registering
• Relevant law
• The regulatory environment
• Link to the FCA Handbook

ACTIVITY – How does Asset Registration link to the FCA?

Registering an asset
• Different types of agreement
• Secured and unsecured finance
• Personal loans
• How to register an asset
• Amending and deleting a registered asset
• The importance of complete data

ACTIVITY – Can the process for asset registration in your business be more effective?

The Data Exchange
• What is the Data Exchange?
• How does it work?
• Direct supply
• Online and batch data

Data Cleansing
• What is a data cleanse?
• The importance of data cleansing
• Frequency of data cleansing
• Best practice in data cleansing

ACTIVITY – Revisit personal objectives

Become a member

What are the benefits of becoming an FLA Member?