Programme FOS Part I – Understanding FOS

Start: 10.00 - Finish 13.30

Prior to the session

‘Prep’ document A two-page document including:
• DISP – the basics for how this works as a framework for the process as a whole
• The challenges with the FOS
• A ‘toe dip’ on what we’ll be seeing in 2021
• Some pre-work to get delegates thinking


• Objective of training
• What you’d like to know by the end of the day

Issues with the FOS
• Group discussion around what the issues are that businesses are experiencing and working with those issues Legal basis of the FOS
• Exploring the rules and regulations that sit behind the FOS
• Key bits that businesses need to be aware of Funding of the FOS
• What the structure looks like at the time of training (it’s due to change in 2021, so the training will reflect any updates that have taken place, depending on Covid and other bigger picture issues that might impact)

FOS interactions with the FCA
• Group discussions regarding what businesses would like to know about the relationship
• Latest examples of interactions when it comes to Covid and other recent issues.

FOS stances
• The concepts of ‘fair and reasonable’
• How these apply and general principles to be aware of when considering their own complaints
• Review of what the current issues are and looking ahead to 2021, including what are likely to be hot topics for the industry Interpreting data
• Discussion about issues around the way FOS has looked at evidence in their complaints
• Focus on a ‘hierarchy of evidence’

FOS and the media
• Discussion around how the FOS works with the media

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