Programme: Understanding how the FCA regulate consumer credit


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FCA Supervision of the Consumer Credit Market

  • Twin Peaks regulation – what is it and how does it operate
  • Strategic & Operational objectives of the FCA and how this impacts firms
  • FCA Principles for business and what this means to firms
  • Guidance vs rules


Supervision under the FCA – What will it look like?

FCA – How they currently approach supervision of firms and markets

  • Current supervisory climate
  • Risk based supervision
  • Fixed and Flexible Portfolio Supervision
  • Supervision portfolios in the Consumer Credit Market


An introduction to a range of High Level Regulatory Standards

  • PRIN - The fundamental obligations of all firms under the regulatory system
  • COND – Threshold Conditions required of a firm
  • SYSC - The responsibilities of directors and senior management
  • COCON – Conduct Rules for the industry


Regulatory Reporting Standards

  • What is regulatory reporting
  • What is the FCA trying to achieve
  • What are the different ways in which the FCA obtain firm and individual data
  • GABRIEL – Online reporting system
  • CONNECT – Online application portal
  • Vision for the future – Reg Tech Initiatives

The FCA and the Consumer Credit Market Place

  • History of the Consumer Credit Market Place
  • What’s changed and why
  • What is the current FCA’s focus in Consumer Credit
  • What does this mean for firms and individual’s


The FCA Website

  • FCA website navigation
  • FCA handbooks – familiarisation
  • How to most effectively use the published FCA resources
  • Getting in tune with the regulatory “mood”

Summary and conclusion

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