Caroline Wells and Sarah Lawrence

Caroline Wells

Caroline Wells is an award-winning Customer Insight professional with over 25 years of transformational leadership in financial services. Caroline has a deep-rooted knowledge of customer experience, consumer vulnerability, diversity legislation, outreach and complaints handling.
Since leaving a senior position at the Financial Ombudsman Service in 2017, Caroline now advises businesses in and outside of financial services. She also works with The Money Advice Trust, is an independent advisor to several organisations, and is a Commissioner on Energy UK’s Commission for Customers in Vulnerable Circumstances. Caroline is also a member of several professional bodies including, ICS and CIPR.

Sarah Lawrence

Sarah Lawrence has worked in financial services for nearly 20 years, with over 16 years’ experience gained at the Financial Ombudsman Service. During that time, Sarah worked as an adjudicator - investigating and mediating complaints in various product areas, working closely with ombudsmen on some of the most complex cases.

Sarah’s represented the ombudsman service at many training events for businesses about how the ombudsman service works, and looks at complaints, which has given her a strong understanding of the issues businesses face around complaints. Sarah also worked in and then subsequently led the ombudsman’s Technical Advice Desk
– providing over-the-phone guidance to businesses to help them resolve complaints at an earlier stage.


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