Principal Event Sponsor

Principal Event Sponsor - £2,000 + vat

Your company:

  • logo will appear on the events page of the FLA website with a link to your website.
  • name and logo will be acknowledged in the event brochure.
  • logo will feature on all promotional materials in so far as practical.
  • can place two (2) items in the players goody bags (at cost to the sponsor). Items subject to FLA approval.
  • Can place one (1) roller blind banner at the registration desk at the event.
  • can place one (1) roller blind banner in the clubhouse.
  • logo will appear on A5 signage displayed on the dining tables during the prize giving ceremony as "Principal Event Sponsor" (The FLA will provide the signage).
  • will receive the list of players attending the event one week prior to the event.


  • The FLA event manager for this event will include the sponsor's logo in his/her auto signature banner.
  • the sponsor will receive a name-check during the prize giving ceremony.

Please contact Linda Charles-Richards on 020 7420 9626 or email:

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