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  • Intermediate Leasing – THREE DAY COURSE

    30 Apr 2018 - 02 May 2018

    Designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the leasing market (including risk, taxation, documentation, lease evaluation, risk assessment and fraud), this course follows the process of a lease from beginning to end, giving delegates a better understanding of the lessor/lessee position.

  • Technology & Systems Seminar

    03 May 2018

    The rapid increase in technology offers the asset finance and automotive industries many opportunities as well as providing them with numerous challenges. There is an expectation from businesses that their dealings with lessors are as smooth and hassle-free as their consumer purchases.

    This seminar will look at how lessors can identify what is needed to provide acceptable customer service. It will also examine the current technology landscape, consider future developments, and how to develop the right systems to satisfy customer expectations.

  • Treating Customers Fairly (TCF)

    09 May 2018

    This workshop uses case studies to examine the FCA’s six TCF Outcomes, how they should be
    delivered within a firm’s culture and what Management Information will be required to evidence this.

  • Understanding Fraud in Asset Finance

    14 May 2018

    Using prior instances and shared experience, this course reviews a number of likely fraud possibilities. Opportunity is taken to understand how processes and procedures can be changed to minimise exposure to fraud.

  • 2018 AGM and Spring Drinks Reception

    15 May 2018

    We are pleased to announce that the 2018 Spring Drinks Reception will take place at the King’s Fund.

  • Building Sustainable Repayment Plans for Customers in Default

    16 May 2018

    This course will help identify the customer information necessary to efficiently assess different levels of income and expenditure in order to build more effective repayment plans that are sustainable over the repayment period.

  • Introduction to the Senior Managers & Certification Regime for Compliance and HR Professionals

    17 May 2018

    This event will allow individuals to extend their learning about the new Regime and consider, on behalf of their business what areas, processes, documentation and record keeping systems will need reviewing and updating as a result of this new regime. It will allow Compliance & HR professionals to come together to learn from experience that has been gained in the banking sector, and to help them start to build their “to do” lists for project implementation.

  • Operational Risk Management

    18 May 2018

    The course covers the essential aspects of operational risk management and its challenges in the financial services industry. Crucial topics such as selection and reporting of leading KRIs, demonstrating business value of risk management and the formulation of a risk appetite statement are detailed and debated. Growing topics such as information security and conduct metrics are also covered.

  • Essential Underwriting Skills – TWO DAY COURSE

    21 May 2018

    This course presents the essential skills that are vital in understanding the financial and non-financial risks in any lending proposition. Mastering the assessment of these risks is central to business success.

  • Foundation course in Asset Finance – SOLD OUT

    24 May 2018

    The Foundation course in Asset Finance provides a comprehensive overview of the significant role played by the asset finance industry in the provision of business finance; how it is currently shaped by legal, fiscal and financial imperatives; and provides an insight into the future of the industry.

  • Introduction to Asset Registration

    29 May 2018

    This one-day course provides delegates with an overview of the asset registration environment, best practice in conducting asset registration and how asset registration links through to key business functions and regulatory responsibilities.

  • Vulnerability Workshop

    04 Jun 2018

    This practical workshop aims to improve your knowledge, skills and confidence in working with customers who may be vulnerable. It will give you the opportunity to practice using these skills in the context of your day-to-day role.

  • The Consumer Credit Rulebook (CONC)

    05 Jun 2018

    In order to comply with the FCA regime operative since the 1st of April 2014, all employees in consumer credit firms will need to be familiar with the Consumer Credit Rulebook – (CONC), ensure compliance and understand how CONC affects the processes and procedures adopted by their company.

    Attending this one-day briefing will help attendees understand the main provisions of CONC, discuss questions of interpretation, work through some practical examples and applications, understand how CONC fits into the wider FCA Handbook and ensure their firm is fully compliant with the consumer credit rules.

  • FLA Regulation Conference – Embedding effective compliance and the right culture

    07 Jun 2018

    As firms move into their fifth year of FCA regulation, the volume and pace of new regulation continues unabated.

    The next 12 months will see firms having to implement the Senior Managers & Certification Regime (SMCR) while a lso continuing to fully embed the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). These measures will directly affect staff and processes across organisations, as well as their customers. As the FCA continues its work exploringdifferent sectors of the market in more detail, firms may need to make further changes to address any concerns.

    This conference will ensure members are up-to-date on all the latest developments and give you an insight into other regulatory trends on the horizon.

  • Culture measurement and reporting – Satisfying the regulator

    08 Jun 2018

    This workshop provides a unique opportunity for FLA members to discover what a ‘culture audit’ needs to include, and compare the different approaches other firms are taking. It will look at how to identify and track culture credibly, and which indicators are most effective.

  • FLA 2018 Annual Golf Day

    13 Jun 2018

    The format for this year’s event will include 18 holes of golf with a team and individual Stableford competition.

    There will be refreshments available throughout the day, including coffee and bacon rolls on arrival, and a carvery-style lunch.

  • Managing Conduct Risk

    15 Jun 2018

    A practical one day course for managers and staff who need to understand and successfully address the regulatory issues and business challenges of Conduct Risk within their sector.

  • The Principles of Reciprocity – How is credit data accessed and shared in the UK?

    18 Jun 2018

    This is a comprehensive introductory course on how credit data is shared and accessed in the UK, including the key principles for sharing and accessing the data and the governance of these principles. It will also provide an overview of the future developments that could impact data sharing in the future.

  • Effective Complaints Handling

    22 Jun 2018

    Financial services firms regulated by the FCA (including all consumer credit providers) are subject to FCAs’ Dispute Resolution Rules (DISP) for complaint handling. This course will explore regulatory expectations and best practice when dealing with disputes.

  • Asset Finance: The Future – Annual Asset Finance Conference

    27 Jun 2018

    The FLA’s keynote asset finance conference will explore what the future of leasing and HP might look like. The programme will cover a range of topics including an economic overview, how to re-engineer your workforce to make your business thrive, the changing needs of SMEs, the way technology is impacting on the sector and how to prepare for a changing future.

  • Consumer Credit Litigation – A Legal Framework

    29 Jun 2018

    The regulatory framework for consumer credit is highly complex and has given rise to (and continues to give rise to) much litigation. This one day course offers lenders and those who hire goods an opportunity to fully understand the evolving regulatory framework, existing case-law and potential future trends.

  • Effective Collections Communications

    02 Jul 2018

    If IQ is intelligence quotient and EQ is emotional quotient, this course shows how powerful the two combined can become.

    This course gives participants the personal toolkit needed to communicate with customers in the collections and recoveries arena. It will also provide a clear understanding of how collection techniques have developed to ensure increased success rates and mutually beneficial solutions.

  • Consumer Law for Motor Finance Providers

    03 Jul 2018

    This one day course offers creditors an opportunity to fully understand the legal framework that governs the motor finance sector and examines in detail how legislation such as the Consumer Rights Act, Sale of Goods Act and the Supply of Goods Act define the creditors’ obligations to their consumer credit customers.

  • Understanding how the FCA regulate Financial Incentives

    06 Jul 2018

    This course considers the FCA’s expectations for regulated firms to manage their financial incentive arrangements for staff and third parties, such as intermediaries. It covers the relevant regulatory framework, considers potential sanctions which could be applied, and the recent enforcement action by the FCA.

  • FCA Regulated Product Reviews

    18 Jul 2018

    The FCA’s main regulatory focus is now on whether firms have the right culture and the right products to deliver good outcomes for their customers.

    This course will explore the FCA’s regulatory expectations and will give delegates practical guidance and enable them to undertake effective product reviews.

  • Anti-Money Laundering & Financial Crime

    23 Jul 2018

    The FCA has increased its efforts to fight every aspect of financial crime: money laundering,
    terrorist financing, market manipulation and data theft.

    The market regulator expects firms to understand where the risks lie, take appropriate steps to
    combat financial crime, and react appropriately, all as part of the firm’s governance framework.

    This course illustrates this real and significant threat to our industry and demonstrates how to
    take a proactive approach to financial crime and enhance the policies, processes and
    procedures firms currently have in place.

  • Understanding Credit Scoring

    06 Sep 2018

    This workshop explores the basics of how credit scoring works in a modern consumer lending business – the processes, the strategy, and the decisions. With a focus is on what scorecards look like, and how to use and manage them, the workshop is non-technical and aimed at the business user or strategist.

  • Understanding how the FCA regulate consumer credit

    14 Sep 2018

    This course provides an overview of how the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulates consumer credit. It also explains the journey from the old regulator (FSA) to the new one (FCA), and how this transformation has affected what supervision looks like today. It will consider what “Principles Based Regulation” is and how this will be applied to firms in the market place.

  • Lease Accounting and Tax Update

    15 Oct 2018

    The focus of this course is to update delegates on recent developments in lease accounting and taxation. It is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the impact of
    taxation on leasing and how this has changed over recent years, and offers a useful update to your existing lease accounting and tax knowledge.

  • 2018 Christmas Drinks Reception

    04 Dec 2018

    We are pleased to announce that the Christmas Drinks Reception will take place at The Royal College of Physicians.

    This reception promises to be a great evening to celebrate the festive season with industry colleagues.

  • 2019 Annual Dinner

    26 Feb 2019

    The FLA’s Annual Dinner is the highlight of the finance and leasing industry’s social calendar and is always widely supported by the industry.