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2015 An Understanding of Vehicle Fraud and Investigation Procedures

2015 An Understanding of Vehicle Fraud and Investigation Procedures - June-mini web

The course covers the current practices and procedures used to ensure allegations of fraud and vehicle crime are accepted, and allocated to the most appropriate police force for further investigation.

Practical work-based case studies are used to explain the process of fraud investigations. The course explains how to complete a pro-forma witness statement which has been specifically designed by AVCIS for those reporting vehicle frauds. It also identifies the appropriate content of a statement and what exhibits are needed for submission to AVCIS.

By the end of the course, delegates will:

  • Understand which cases are generally accepted by the police (through AVCIS) and the documentation required for a successful referral of fraud
  • Be aware of the type of offences being committed against finance companies
  • Understand the relevant fraud legislation and how the police decide (under their reporting rules) how and where the offences are reported, recorded and investigated
  • Examine actual ‘live’ documents and, on conclusion of the course, be able to identify and complete an AVCIS referral form
  • Gain an understanding of police intelligence gathering, the use of referred intelligence, its reliability and the rules surrounding intelligence dissemination
  • Learn the principles of ‘Know Your Customer’ (KYC)