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The Principles of Reciprocity – How is credit data accessed and shared in the UK?

2016 The Principles of Reciprocity - March-mini web

Shared credit data is a key element in ensuring lenders make the most appropriate decisions and manage effectively the on-going relationship with customers.

It can be used throughout the customer relationship lifecycle from prospect identification, credit risk assessment, to account management and debt collection.

With over 500 million credit records currently shared it is by far the most predictive information available through the Credit Reference Agencies (Callcredit, Equifax and Experian).

Sharing and access to data in the UK is governed by the Principles of Reciprocity. These principles are recognised by the World Bank as a key factor in the UK having one of the most developed and effective systems in the world.

This is a comprehensive introductory course on how credit data is shared and accessed in the UK, including the key principles for sharing and accessing the data and the governance of these principles. It will also provide an overview of the future developments that could impact data sharing in the future.



  • Have a good understanding of the way credit data is shared and the “allowed uses”
  • Gain an overview of the governance arrangements including the Steering Committee on Reciprocity (SCOR) and current areas of work.
  • Understand the key areas of the data sharing arrangements that specifically impact their organisation
  • Get up-to-date information regarding the future developments in data sharing