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Consumer Credit Litigation – A Legal Framework

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About this course:
The regulatory framework for consumer credit is highly complex and has given rise to (and continues to give rise to) much litigation. We’ll consider the Consumer Credit Act 1974 (looking at both credit and hire), the Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”) Principles for Businesses and the Financial Conduct Authority Consumer Credit Sourcebook (“CONC”).

This one day course offers lenders and those who hire goods an opportunity to fully understand the evolving regulatory framework, existing case-law and potential future trends.

Course content includes:
– Recognising when a regulated credit agreement, or a regulated consumer hire agreement, is enforceable and when it is not.

– Understanding how the Court has interpreted the unfair relationship provisions (including looking at the risks of selling add on products like payment protection insurance or GAP).

– Appreciating what lenders and owners must do before taking steps to end a regulated agreement and recover possession of any goods or land.

– Understanding the impact of CONC on the debt recovery process.

– Recognising your responsibility for others and the impact of CONC 1.2.2R.