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Automotive Financial Crime Conference

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9:00 Registration and coffee

9:45 Chairman’s welcome

Alan Tuplin, Director of Credit Risk
Advantage Finance Ltd

10:00 Working with lenders to combat financial crime
• Expectations of the FCA – changes to anti-money laundering and other requirements
• Working with lenders to ensure robust systems and controls
• FCA powers – case studies on civil and criminal action taken

Steve Oakes, Financial Crime Regulator
Financial Conduct Authority

10:25 Work of The Insolvency Service in multi-agency vehicle recovery
• The powers of The Insolvency Service
• How lenders can use The Insolvency Service in the prevention of fraud and vehicle recovery

David Usher, Senior Investigator
The Insolvency Service

10:40 Practical fraud prevention and recovery techniques

John Arscott, Customer & Revenue Protection Manager
LeasePlan UK Ltd

11:05 Refreshments

11:30 Legal measures for vehicle recovery and fraud in Scotland and Northern Ireland
• The importance of considering Scotland and Northern Ireland
• Overview of the differences in legislation and legal processes
• Case studies

Ricky Cannon, Managing Associate
Brodies LLP
Mary Frances Kearney, Senior Partner
McManus Kearney

12:10 Protection against international vehicle crime
• How the internet supports international vehicle crime
• Case study: the threat from international organised crime groups
• Collective action to curb the threat

Justin Powell, Managing Director
Vehicle Provenance Ltd

12:40 Technological advances in assisting vehicle recovery
• Case studies illustrating the threat from organised crime groups
• The benefits and costs associated with tracking technology
• Comparison of new technologies

Andy Barrs, Head of Police Liaison
Tracker Network UK

13:25 Lunch

14:00 Cybercrime threats from social media and technology
• The threats from data obtained through social media, mobile devices and vehicle computers
• Case studies and the link to motor finance providers
• Policies and processes that can protect businesses

David Benford, Director
Black Stage Forensics Ltd

14:25 Protecting customer data from cybercriminals
• Examples of recent data hacks and outcomes
• How and why motor finance providers may be (or are) at risk
• Guidance on preventing cyber attacks and reassuring customers their data is safe

Stuart Green, Managing Director
SJG Digital Engineering Ltd

15:00 The future of fraud and identity
• Overview of fraud trends
• The definition of identity and how this is being impacted by emerging technologies
• Predictions of future risks for motor finance providers

Nick Mothershaw, Director of Fraud and Identity

15:30 Closing remarks from the Chairman

15:45 Conference closes