Asset Finance

Consumer Finance

Motor Finance

Building Sustainable Repayment Plans for Customers in Default


09:30    Registration and early refreshments.

10:00    Introduction, expectations, housekeeping and outline of the day.

10:15    Icebreaker: Cheat card game.

10:35    Icebreaker Discussion: how did it feel to win or to lose.

10:45    Why is trust important between a collector and a customer in default?

10:50    Group discussion on trust.

11:05    Outline of a budget: income, assets and expenditure. Use of Common Financial Statements (CFS) as a generic blueprint. CFS and relevant Codes.

11:15    Exercise 1

11:30    Coffee break

11:45    Discussion on income issues: tax codes, maintenance, boarders/lodgers (rent a room), non-dependent contributions, student loans/grants, benefits including any cap, personal injury, self-employment, energy efficiency schemes, Section 17 payments, pensions and other income (charities, property, etc).

12:15    Exercise 2

12:45    Lunch

13:30    Assets: property, vehicles, savings and other assets.

13:40    Discussion on expenditure issues: General issues; contracts, non-disclosure, unrealistic expectations, buy to let distortions, exceeds trigger figures, but collectors must have current trigger figures.

13:55    Discussion on expenditure issues: Specific issues; rent (standard rates) and easily identifiable, mortgage calculators, Council Tax (deductions and payment options), utility deals, water (social tariffs and water meters), TV licence ‘cash easy entry scheme’, childcare costs (free places, Tax Credits and salary sacrifice), telecommunication packages, travel (AA route planner and breakdown discount schemes), housekeeping (pets and smoking cessation) and other expenditure (health (HC1 scheme) and free school meals).

14:55    Coffee break

15:10    Consideration of CFS information provided by customers to participants.

15:50    Feedback of each customer.

16:10    Review expectations:  Impact on the business of understanding more about income and expenditure.

16:20    Final queries and feedback.

17:00    Course ends