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Effective Complaints Handling


Registration: 09.00    Start: 09.30    Finish: 17.00

09.30    Introduction

09.45    Dispute resolution sourcebook and rules

  • Where to find the rules
  • How to navigate the FCA website and rulebook
  • Consider the implications of the new dispute resolution rules


10.15    FLA code and complaints arbitration service

  • Explanation of who the FLA are and the benefits the association brings to members and their customers
  • FLA Lending Code
  • Explanation of the FLA complaint schemes
  • Conciliation scheme
  • Arbitration scheme

10.30    Coffee break

10.45    Financial Ombudsman Service ‘FOS’ processes  

  • Overview of FOS
  • What to expect from the FOS
  • How the FOS operates
  • How FOS reach decisions
  • FOS experience of the market place


11.45    Light touch case studies

  • High level demonstration of the FOS approach to customer dissatisfaction

12.30    Lunch

13.15    In-depth case studies

  • Demonstration and illustration of how the FOS approach complaints
  • Investigation of the FOS approach to complaints through a question and answer session
  • How to work effectively with the FOS

13.45    Reaching outcomes that are right for your business and the customer

  • How to define a complaint relevant to your business
  • Effective handling of customers making a complaint
  • Effective communication with the customer
  • Acknowledgement letter/email
  • Final response letter/email

14.00    Creating customer satisfaction

  • Building rapport
  • Creating empathy

14.15    Dispute resolution sourcebook and your business

  • Consider the appropriateness of your firm’s current processes and procedures
  • Investigate the areas of your firm’s processes that would benefit from consideration

15.15    Tea break

15.30    Complaints governance and oversight

  • Consider appropriate management structure and reporting of complaints in line with the FCAs’ systems and controls expectations
  • Investigate oversight activities and methods

15.45    Root cause analysis

  • Investigate the benefits of root cause analysis
  • Recognise systems structures and activities necessary to achieve effective root cause analysis
  • Effective management information and reporting of root cause analysis activity
  • Structured remedial actions in response to root cause analysis activity

16.15    Summary and close