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Operational Risk Management – November 2017


Registration from 09.30 – Start 10.00 – Finish 17.00

Session 1: The basic model for Operational Risk Management

  • Introduction and objectives for the day
  • Participants’ key issues and experience
  • Risk management experience in practice
  • The definition of Operational Risk
  • Framework for Risk Management
  • The impact of Basel II regulation

Exercise: Delegates’ issues

Session 2: Identifying Risk

  • Methods of identifying risks
  • What should be included?
  • How risks are registered
  • Basel loss event classifications

Exercise: List the main risks in your activity

Session 3: Risk Analysis and Controls

  • Likelihood and impact
  • Loss measurement
  • Expected loss
  • Event analysis: cause and consequences: bow-tie
  • Designing controls

Exercise: Event analysis in your business – find all the causes

Session 4: Special topic – Reputational risks

  • Drivers of reputational risk
  • Reputation and the media
  • How does the news business work?
  • Managing reputational risk

Session 5: Risk assessment and reporting

  • Risk and control self assessment matrix
  • Assessing risks
  • Common cases, extreme cases
  • Measuring control effectiveness
  • Scenarios
  • The types of risk reporting
  • Loss Event Recording
  • Principles or reporting

Exercise: Position your risks on a Probability / Impact matrix

Session 6: Special topic – Capital requirements

  • Basel regulation and development post-crisis
  • Basel III
  • The Basic Indicator Approach, The Standard Approach and Advanced Measurement Approach
  • Introduction to Capital Modelling


Course close