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The Principles of Reciprocity – How is credit data accessed and shared in the UK? – November 2017

10.00 Introduction to Data Sharing
„„ Why share data – the benefit for lenders, consumers and businesses.
„„ The data sharing framework – credit reporting systems and their participants.

10.30 Data Sharing in the UK – The Principles of Reciprocity
„„ Background
„„ Key principles
„„ Types of subscribers
„„ Data provided
„„ Uses of data

11.30 Coffee break

11.45 Governance of the Principles and the role of the Steering Committee on Reciprocity (SCOR)
„„ The role of SCOR
„„ Rules, function and structure
„„ Membership
„„ Compliance and complaint process
„„ Credit Reporting Agencies (CRA’s) product development process
„„ Future developments

12.15 Key areas for Data Sharers and Users
„„ Consumer/business reciprocity
„„ Data quality
„„ Searches
„„ Identification and employment checking
„„ Marketing
„„ EU and non-EU lenders
„„ Regulator/financial supervisor access
„„ Compliance

13.15 Lunch break

14.15 The Future for Data Sharing
„„ Update on International, European and UK developments impacting on data sharing

15.00 The Data Sharing Clinic
„„ An opportunity to raise practical issues and seek guidance on how data sharing
can work in your organisation

15.45 Course close