Asset Finance Qualification

The FLA has developed an asset finance qualification in partnership with The London Institute of Banking & Finance. You can now register your interest in taking the qualification by visiting the qualification page here.

The Diploma in Asset Finance (DipAF) provides the opportunity for experienced specialists to develop a higher level of knowledge and skills, and demonstrate greater professionalism.

The qualification’s syllabus, delivery method and content were developed by the FLA’s Asset Finance Qualification Steering Group. The key topics covered by the DipAF include:

  • The asset leasing sector, its associated documentation, key ratios, depreciation and yield measures;
  • Regulatory requirements when leasing to businesses;
  • Different routes to market in the regulated and non-regulated environments; the associated risks, return and rewards;
  • Approaches to funding, securitisation, the impact of credit ratings, credit analysis and its relationship to operational risk.

If you want to hear more about the diploma, you can listen to a recent podcast with Preeti Arora, from Hitachi Capital Business Finance, here.

To register your interest or find out more about the qualification, please click on this link.








"The Asset Finance Diploma is an excellent area of study for those that are new to asset finance and equally to experienced professionals within the industry.  Up to date with the latest economic and social trends, legislation and regulation, the learning material was varied including reading, video and audio and was well balanced to encourage students to participate in further reading and discussion. The forums and opportunities to interact with other students also helps provide a broader understanding of the topics than personal experiences alone can provide.
In addition, the opportunity to further progress studies to the LIBF Professional Banking and Finance Diploma was a welcome and rewarding extension."
Paula Millward MLIBF DipAF PDipB&F, JCB Finance 

"The course was fantastic, with the course leaders giving great guidance throughout. The material was immediately relevant to my role at work, and I found I had an improved comprehension of all parts of my job. The course also gave me a huge insight into different areas of asset finance that I wouldn’t otherwise have come across, providing a better understanding of the industry as a whole. I was able to use the knowledge I gained to smoothly transition into my new role as an underwriter."

Nicholas Bilney DipAF, Simply

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