Asset Finance Qualification

The FLA has developed an asset finance qualification in partnership with The London Institute of Banking & Finance. You can now register your interest in taking the qualification by visiting the qualification page here.

The Diploma in Asset Finance (DipAF) provides the opportunity for experienced specialists to develop a higher level of knowledge and skills, and demonstrate greater professionalism.

The qualification’s syllabus, delivery method and content were developed by the FLA’s Asset Finance Qualification Steering Group. The key topics covered by the DipAF include:

  • The asset leasing sector, its associated documentation, key ratios, depreciation and yield measures;
  • Regulatory requirements when leasing to businesses;
  • Different routes to market in the regulated and non-regulated environments; the associated risks, return and rewards;
  • Approaches to funding, securitisation, the impact of credit ratings, credit analysis and its relationship to operational risk.

To register your interest or find out more about the qualification, please click on this link.

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