Lending Code

The FLA Lending Code sets out best practice in consumer lending to which the Chief Executives of full members must sign up when they join the FLA. This Statement of Compliance confirms that the company is fulfilling the requirements under the Code and will continue to do so for the next 12 months. It is a condition of FLA membership.

You can find a list of members who subscribe to the FLA Lending Code here.

The Lending Code is overseen by an independent group of consumer and industry representatives, who monitor compliance with the Code and conduct regular inspection visits. You can find more information about the Lending Code Group and Monitoring the Code on their separate pages.

 The Code is regularly updated to keep it relevant and effective in terms of the protection it offers. We also review the Code regularly to ensure it is visible, accessible and usable to all users.

  1. You can access the Code in several ways. An Interactive PDF allows you to click through to information about your product and the Code’s general commitments quickly and easily. A full PDF is available if you want to print or save the Code. We have also included a Frequently Asked Questions for your reference.

Previous versions of the Code can be found on a separate page

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