Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

FLA endeavours to ensure all participants, regardless of their gender, ethnic origin, religion, belief, disability, age or sexual identity, experience an event that is free of any discrimination or harassment.

FLA will not tolerate any such behaviour and will, along with our event agency, take immediate action to stop it.

Unacceptable behaviour includes words or images of an offensive, discriminatory, disruptive or sexual nature during the event and/or in any social media (such as Twitter or Facebook) connected with or referring to it.

Participants who encounter or witness any such behaviour are asked to please contact the organising team. The FLA will respect requests for confidentiality.

FLA takes reports of any such behaviour extremely seriously and will respond to them with appropriate action.

Competition Law:
All FLA meetings and events, including social events, are subject to the application of competition law and therefore must be conducted in compliance.

Any business information which is sensitive or strategically useful must not be discussed, including any reference to pricing, margins, discounts, trading terms, use of third party suppliers or market share.

You are reminded that failure to comply with competition law may result in serious consequences for individuals and their companies.

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