Diversity and Inclusion

Welcome to the FLA’s Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) page, which brings together various information sources into one easy-to-use hub for members.

The Director General’s perspective

Fairness has driven diversity and inclusion to the top of many Board agendas, and so too has the realisation that the competitive edge is often found in creative problem solving.

Recognising the need for change is invariably easier than instituting change, so in the index opposite, you’ll find the latest information and best practice to help you formulate your plans.

You’ll also find links to the FCA’s D&I work, along with our own toolkit which is a great place to start for smaller firms – and we will be sharing events information and insights from the FLA’s cross divisional HR Group, whose collective expertise in this area will be invaluable for everyone.

Do make the most of the hub and let us know what else would be useful.


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