How to make a business finance complaint

If you believe that a member of the FLA has failed to meet the standards of our Business Finance Code, we offer a complaints service. To raise a complaint, please complete our Business Finance Code Complaints form, available at the bottom of this page.

Once we receive your form, we will send you an acknowledgement. We will ask our member to review your complaint and to notify you of their response. We will monitor their progress in reviewing your complaint and we will check that their response to you meets the requirements of the Code. We cannot award compensation. The FLA also offers an independent mediation scheme for exceptional complaints.

In the event of continued or repeated non-compliance, the FLA will take action, including a warning or expulsion from FLA membership.

In order for us to consider your complaint:

  • You must have reached the end of the complaints process with the funder,
  • There must be no ongoing legal action relating to the complaint.
  • You must send us a completed complaints form, with a copy of the agreement(s) affected and of the final response from the funder.
  • We will not consider complaints where the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) has made a determination.
  • We also cannot consider complaints which are under current investigation by the FOS, unless the FOS subsequently rules that the complaint is outside of its jurisdiction.
  • Complaints must be in relation to the conduct of our member where they are providing funding covered by our Business Finance Code. We cannot consider complaints relating to the performance of an asset or vehicle, or in relation to the conduct of any intermediary, supplier or broker. 

Send your complaint to:

Please note we are currently unable to receive complaints via post. Please send complaints to the email address above. If you have posted a complaint and we have not acknowledged receipt, please re-send this via email. 

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