What exactly is it that the FLA does?

Trade associations are founded and funded to represent the interests of businesses that operate in a specific sector.

In the case of the FLA, its understanding of industry issues covering asset, consumer and motor finance means we can communicate on behalf of our members and represent their interests to Government, regulators, European institutions, the media and the general public so as to improve the business environment.

On behalf of our members:

  • We actively lobby decision-makers both at home and in Europe in order to create the right regulatory environment for businesses and customers to thrive.
  • We strive to be the definitive centre of competence and influence on key industry issues, as well as a forum for the exchange of thoughts and ideas.
  • We review, advise and take appropriate action on legal, fiscal, economic and financial developments as they affect members.
  • We keep our members up-to-date with legal and regulatory changes and provide guidance and advice on how to comply with them.
  • We hold regular conferences, seminars and roundtables for members on key topical issues, as well as running training courses.
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