Funding the Future - ESG Reporting

1 August 2023

Business finance - 131kb PDF

Businesses face increased demands from regulators, shareholders, and customers to measure and monitor their environmental and social impacts. This heightened scrutiny has spurred a proliferation of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reporting frameworks, metrics, and disclosure requirements, resulting in a complex and fragmented landscape for businesses and finance providers.
For asset finance providers, the complexity of the ESG reporting landscape presents additional challenges. Providers may find themselves tasked with assessing the sustainability performance of not only their own businesses, but the companies and assets which they fund. For example, a bank’s leases and loans already count as part of its Scope 3 emissions under most reporting frameworks. This adds costs for funders, which may limit the availability of funding.
This paper highlights the challenges posed by the current ESG reporting landscape and advocates for a simpler and more streamlined approach to green reporting requirements.

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