Funding the Future - Tax

1 August 2023

Business finance - 128kb PDF

With inflation on the rise, low rates of business investment compared to peer countries, and the risk of a recession looming, it is more important than ever to take the right steps to support economic growth.
One key aspect of driving this growth is by encouraging businesses to invest in new plant and machinery, and that's where the members of the Finance and Leasing Association (FLA) come in. Our members play a vital role in helping businesses get the equipment they need, overcoming the hurdle of high upfront costs by providing financing options for the acquisition of new plant and machinery. This is especially important when it comes to green assets, which often cost more than their non-green equivalents.
The tax system however can still hold back business investment. Recent changes have provided a welcome boost to business, including the introduction of full expensing. But more needs to be done to truly unlock the potential of SMEs to grow the economy and support the transition to net zero.
This paper sets out proposed changes that not only promote the transition to a net-zero economy but also boost business investment and provide businesses with simplicity and certainty

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