Spring Budget 2024

Simon Goldie, Director of Advocacy

During cold winters we take comfort in the knowledge that spring will arrive. There are different ways to spot it: flowers begin to bloom, you can see boxing hares (apparently), the clocks go forward, and the Chancellor of the Exchequer has a Budget.
This year Spring will be early: 6 March.
When the date was announced, there was speculation that this was to ready the country for a May election. The thinking being that there would be tax cuts and then a dash to the country to secure the keys to No.10. or at least keep the backdoor key for a future election. Since then, the commentators have moved on to October or November.
Here at FLA HQ, we are ready whatever date the Prime Minister choses. Watch this space for our manifesto. We are also prepared for the Budget.
Ahead of time, we have submitted our Budget proposals. These include calls for a Recovery Loan Scheme replacement with a green element, the inclusion of leasing in full expensing and changes to the tax system to support net zero.
To highlight the key recommendations, Stephen Haddrill (FLA DG) has written to the Chancellor.
You can read the submission and Stephen’s letter here and here.

Published 16 Jan 2024

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