Online Programme: Consumer Credit Rule Book (CONC)


Start 10.00 – 13.00 Finish (both days)


  • Layout and where to find what you need when you need it
  • Principles for Businesses – how do they interact with CONC?
  • How different are the new rules from earlier OFT Guidance?
  • Where do firms need to focus their attention?

Conduct of Business Standards

  • CONC 2 - Responsibility for Agents and Third Parties; delegating responsibility for compliance

Pre-Contractual Disclosure and assessing creditworthiness

  • CONC 3 - Financial Promotions
  • Commissions & Status Disclosure
  • Entering into the Agreement
  • Considering Applications for Credit or Hire: Creditworthiness and Affordability

Group Exercise

During the Lifetime of an Agreement

  • Increasing the Amount of Credit or Credit Limit, Appropriation of Payments Received from Borrowers, Transfer/Assignment, and Business Practices
  • Credit reference agencies and notices of correction
  • Second Charge Lending
  • Cancellation rights under distance contracts
  • Guidance on Sections 77 to 79 of the CCA

Helping Customers in Financial Difficulty

  • CONC 7 - arrears, default and recovery

Group Exercise

Summary and conclusions


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