FLA comment on the FCA’s proposed update to the guidance on repossessing vehicles

13 January 2021

Commenting on the Financial Conduct Authority’s proposed update to the guidance on repossessing vehicles, Adrian Dally, Head of Motor Finance at the FLA, said:

“This is a welcome move as it allows lenders and consumers to decide together on the best outcome.

“If a customer still needs their vehicle due to vulnerability, lenders will of course take that into consideration, but where a customer’s circumstances have changed so that they do not need their vehicle any longer and repossession is the best option, it is absolutely right that lenders can now offer that solution.”

 Notes to editors

  1. The FCA’s proposed updates to its guidance on repossessions can be found at https://www.fca.org.uk/news/statements/fca-proposes-update-guidance-mortgages-consumer-credit-repossessions
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