Motor Finance Specialist Apprenticeship

What is the Motor Finance Specialist apprenticeship?

Developed by motor retail and finance industry employers, the Motor Finance Specialist apprenticeship enables businesses to employ apprentices that, on graduation, will specialise in the provision of motor finance information and support to customers or intermediaries.

Why employ motor finance specialist apprentices?

The apprenticeship is a great way of professionalising your existing workforce, attracting young talent and providing career progression for staff.  Expenditure on apprenticeship training and assessment is also heavily subsidised by the Government for small businesses and can be offset against apprenticeship levy payments owed by larger businesses.   On successful completion apprentices will be trained to level-3 (A-level equivalent) and fully qualified to carry out the role as a regular employee.  To find out more about the benefits of apprenticeships please click here

Government guidance on employing apprentices can be found here.  You can also find out more about hiring apprentices by clicking here, e-mailing the National Apprenticeship Helpdesk or calling them on 0800 015 0400.

Training provision for the Motor Finance Specialist apprenticeship

Calibre Group is a trusted training provider that can help businesses to recruit and train motor finance specialist apprentices.   Calibre delivers dynamic, engaging and robust programmes with industry experienced trainers and mentors. With decades of motor industry experience, all of their Academy and Mentoring teams bring real life working knowledge of the sector from within, which adds relevance, credibility and assurance to learners and their employers.  For more information about Calibre please click here.




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